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Until the final trumpet sounds…

Have you ever found yourself looking at others and thinking you’re probably the only one that struggles the way you do? Or even convinced yourself that somehow there is no way some one could see good in you the way they see it in others? It’s strange how we can convince ourselves that we’re the… Continue reading Until the final trumpet sounds…


Is education failing our Children?

Strong opinions cannot be manufactured; they tend to stem from experiences and personal findings. For Tony Edwards, this is especially true as he has a strong perspective on Australia’s education system.  Mr. Edwards, who was a teacher, left high school functionally illiterate but now looks back and believes education should take place of high importance.… Continue reading Is education failing our Children?


The ‘good guys’ are celebrated at Stella Fella

With the Stella Fella Friday event held last week at the Beresford Hotel in Sydney’s Surry Hills, an organization known as Project Futures aim to raise funds for the Salvation Army. Shining a light on the outstanding men across the Australian community, Project Futures has been successful in raising over $100,000 for their current campaign. … Continue reading The ‘good guys’ are celebrated at Stella Fella