I’d like to see that!

I needed it… I needed my daily intake of news. So as the TV flashed its colours all over the walls of my lounge room, I could’t believe what I was hearing! Three school girls sitting there, talking about how they have made a choice to have sex with any man and in doing so, they thought they were protecting other girls from being raped.

“They won’t need to rape anyone because they have already been satisfied with us.”

How did this happen? Who took their little hands and walked them down this path? Who mislead these young minds to believe such a lie? Who kept the truth hidden from them? Comfortable I may be on my couch, but my heart is restless and fidgety.

Every morning there’s a book sitting in front of me and it’s opened flat on my table. I must admit, I often lack faith in its power. I often put it at the bottom of my list of priorities. I struggle to make decent time for it. But yet, I can only imagine what it can do to our world; to the minds of those girls.

There must be something God wants to say to our world; something groundbreaking, something that will completely turn around our way of thinking and make us almost gasp that we never thought of it before. Something so simple yet unheard of.

Something from God’s own heart.

I bet God wants to shake the nonsense out of them like crazy!

Or…maybe…He wants to shake the nonsense out of…me. The book remains open flat in front of me; the very book that can save them; and I still manage to stay silent.

It’s easy imagining all the things I would say and do to help these girls, the programs I would make and design for them, but where are the words of truth and LIFE?

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15


I’d like to see older women getting alongside young girls and having a real relationship with them. I’d like to see daughters of the Living God take charge in what they will do for their community. I’d like to see women of all ages walking together in their walk with God. I’d like to see girls rally each other up and head into a world full of wolves, armed with the word of God. I’d like to see women believe in the power of His word and live lives that confirm that power. I’d like to see those who know ‘the word of truth’ to actively present it to those who don’t. In the hope and knowledge that it can save them.

I’d like to see girls realise their worth is more than sex and seductiveness. To understand that God came off His throne to be with them. Like a father He came, sat with us, talked with us, reasoned with us and longs to spend more time with us.


Unveil my eyes to see the power of this book laid out before me. To see it melt hearts, change attitudes, change the hidden motives of the heart, see it bring a dead man back to life and see darkness being drowned out by the light it holds.

In Jesus’ name…

I’d like to see that!