It’s been a while…

Yep. I know. Typical hey? Start another blog only to later take up space in the virtual world that is completely inactive. Well, it’s been a complete roller coaster since I last posted.
I went on a family cruise and found out that it wasn’t motion sickness that was making me feel queasy. Hmmm…
Is this the way I should announce this? Meh, whatever.
Back to being queasy… Yeah. I was 6 weeks pregnant!
So, that was back in January 2014. Now, since it is February 2015… This is the result of the “motion sickness”…

She’s pretty incredible. Everyday is filled with wonder and I’m simply amazed at how quickly and beautifully she is growing.
I’m learning so much as a mum. I’m questioning all my negative thoughts about myself because one day she will learn from mummy and I don’t ever want her to think less of herself than she should. So I gotta work with me first.
I’m looking forward to keeping you posted more into my findings and adventures as a mum because Lord knows there’s plenty to come! Spending this time at home has also helped me see more people. Strangely enough, more mums want to spend time with me now. It’s funny how we just automatically gravitate towards people at the same life stage as us.
Oh what?! I didn’t even mention her name. Pregnancy brain? I can’t still use that can I? Anyway, Isabel. Isabel is her name. Meaning ‘dedicated to God’.
I love her so much and the little munchkin hasn’t said more than 1 word to me (she has said nothing to be exact). But plenty of Aaaaa’s and Ooooo’s.

This was our first meeting (apologies for the drugged up face). She was born on August 29th, 2.2 kg and 45 cm long. She was beautiful then and time is only adding to her beauty.

So, brace yourself for a flood of pictures and obsession with this little one from one very proud and grateful mum. 🙂


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