My beautiful family.
My beautiful family.


my name is Maryan and I am a journalist. I studied journalism for the sake of learning how to write better. It’s not about breaking news for me. I have a strong desire to learn and apply God’s word and I would love to one day write a book that could help many. I have a passion for truth and not in the wishy washy kind of way. I’ve seen what truth can do and how truth can change everything!

When I was 17, I came to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and believed on Him. That was truth…ever since then life has never been the same again. I believe God’s word is truth, I am passionate about it!

I also believe and know that Jesus Christ is the truth…before a word comes from His lips…He is truth.

Jesus says the truth sets us free…if we know it. But I see that a lot of us don’t even know what freedom looks like.

Freedom is sweet and His word is the gateway to it. He is so good! And it’s a privilege to be writing about Him.

I don’t always have it under control…I’m silly most days and need to remind myself to behave like an adult. 😉

I’m married to a beautiful man who loves me and loves God and we have our cheeky daughter Isabel who is absolutely precious to say the least!

So…stick with me as we take this journey to freedom through the word of God.


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