Let’s experiment!

So, unfortunately I had a bad fall on a trip to Europe about a month ago. Broke my ankle and now I’m stuck with these two means of getting around the house…Image

It stops me from doing ordinary things I could usually easily do. Like cleaning the house, cooking, getting to the car on my own and grocery shopping. But I have grown a deep appreciation and admiration towards people constantly living this way. They are strong and have not failed to keep up with this fast-paced society. Incredible! I’d hardly call it being ‘disabled’.

This last month has definitely been a very frustrating time for me. My husband has been helping me out so much and if it wasn’t for him, I’d be living in a dump right now.

However… I should be able to walk again normally come the 7th July! Fingers crossed! With that in mind, I’m looking forward to trying an ‘experiment’ based on Sarah Wilson’s book “I Quit Sugar”. The book has a range of recipes, particularly focusing on breakfasts, snacks and desserts. It’s a great find and almost like reading a magazine! Colourful, thought-provoking and intriguing. This doesn’t surprise me given Sarah Wilson’s past at Cosmopolitan.


“The research is growing to show sugar is indeed poisoning us. Studies are proving sugar to be the biggest cause of fatty liver, which leads to insulin resistance. This then causes metabolic syndrome, which is now being seen as the biggest precursor to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Sugar isn’t just a bunch of naughty, empty calories. Some leading scientists are saying it’s responsible for 35 million annual deaths worldwide.”

I also believe in this research and I think it’s about time the health industries jumped on board. 150 years ago, sugar wasn’t so readily available for people and there wasn’t a high percentage of overweight and obese people either. But now it’s everywhere! Sarah makes it clear that those ‘health-focused’ foods hitting our shelves, like low fat yoghurt and sugar free muesli bars, actually have a higher quantity of the white stuff than original, whole foods. I’m excited to see how my body will react to this experiment. Come on the journey with me…

I’ll keep you updated with recipe photos and my withdrawal symptoms. đŸ˜‰Â 

This is my food plan and my exercise plan will start beginning of August when I’m technically allowed to exercise. I have some exciting plans for that one too! Don’t miss out. Follow me and stay in the sugar-free loop!